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Posted: 7/11/2019 5:24:08 PM

Job Snapshot

Location: Elkridge, MD, US
Posting ID: 2019-1202

Job Summary



Job summary

The Domain Architect (DA) is a member of a delivery team, supporting both new development/product-based efforts, and production support; and is considered the highest-level domain technology expert.

The DA is responsible for:

  • The assessment of business requirements; approval of technical requirements; creation of technical specifications and solution design documents.
  • Initial work item estimate sizing for business prioritization and planning purposes.
  • Presenting designs to the Enterprise Architecture team for review after initial design and prior to production implementation.
  • Technology solutions that require development to be viable - i.e., business applications, LOB applications, workflow systems, purchased applications, developed applications, and applications integration; subsequently guiding solution execution from design to production.
  • The quality and integrity of a solution; and is ultimately responsible for its viability in the Production environment.
  • Maintenance of the Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) tool Troux for Allegis Group systems and technologies
  • Serve as the strategic point of view for Professional Services as a whole, which initially will be PeopleSoft focused but will change as the next generation software is chosen


Essential Functions

    • Provide strong knowledge of ERP development tools, and the technical procedures and standards within the Professional Services software; stay informed of changing technology
    • Possess an expert level of functional knowledge in Professional Services Software.  This must include many of the following areas
      • Project Setup
      • Resource Management
      • Project Scheduling
      • Project Execution including the tracking of Time and Expenses
      • Invoicing and Project Billing
    • Establish domain specific standards, near/mid-term strategy, and roadmaps (0-18 months), in adherence to, and in support of Enterprise standards, strategy, and roadmaps.
    • Guide a solution from concept to delivery - envision and create solutions that meet requirements; model the pieces of infrastructure and their points of integration; prove the feasibility of the design, and can ultimately be implemented and supported in the Production environment.
    • Provide hands-on, expert-level technical assistance to developers
    • Adhere to Enterprise Architecture (EA) standards, and may also assist in the creation of EA standards, methodologies, and frameworks.

    ·        Collaborates with management to establish protocols and processes for the discipline

    • Ensure that new technology solutions are designed for optimal access and usefulness; and to leverage existing technologies, as appropriate.
    • Assist in creating the vision for future state technologies and architecture and participate in setting Enterprise standards and mid/long-term strategy/roadmaps (18-60 months), acting as domain-specific subject matter experts.
    • Apply architectural and engineering concepts to design a solution that meets operational requirements, such as scalability, maintainability, security, reliability, extensibility, flexibility, availability, and manageability.
    • Translate business strategy and requirements into well-architected solutions
    • Participate and lead research and development efforts (proof of concept, prototypes), as subject matter experts, when introducing new technologies, in conjunction with team and Product Owners
    • Provide technical expertise to propose level of effort estimates (LOE), work breakdown structures, and technical resource planning for proposed and current work to support the work intake process.
    • Lead and define solution architecture to support delivering high impact products in a fast-paced environment
    • Create and maintain logical architecture documentation
    • Assist managers with developing the service level agreements (SLAs) and deployment of key performance measures. 
    • Participate in various phases of the SDLC to perform QA/architectural review functions, and to ensure adherence to Enterprise Architecture (EA) technology standards and project specific solutions architecture. (i.e., design reviews).
    • Keep current and informed of domain related technologies and best practices.
    • Serve as technical owner and point of contact for domain specific solutions.
    • Provide coaching and mentoring to team members in the areas of technical skills and competency.



Requisite Skills/Abilities:

  • Expert level of technical knowledge and understanding of architecture, application systems design and integration
  • Possesses in-depth knowledge of industry’s business environment and domain
  • Speak the language of business - translate business problems into technical solutions and measure success using business terms.
  • Speak the language of architecture - frameworks, API-first architecture, microservices, patterns, maturity models, physical, logical, functional diagrams, use cases, etc.
  • Speak the language of technology - new technologies, trends, directions, modeling, POC’s, non-functional requirements, SLA’s, compare/contrast vendors in a technology space.
  • Anticipates internal and or external business challenges and/or regulatory issues; recommends process, product or service improvements
  • Ability to gain buy-in on proposed solutions.
  • Behaves in accordance with objectives and strategic plan; provides strategic or conceptual advice and updates on project milestones and achievement of objectives
  • Anticipates and solves unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business; uses conceptual thinking to develop solutions
  • Comfortable with complex heterogeneous systems
  • Works well with technical groups
  • Strong written, presentations and verbal communications skills

Core Competencies:

  • Customer Service
  • Building Relationships
  • Business Knowledge / Organizational Acumen
  • Self-Motivation/Self Starter
  • Leading Self and Others

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