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Tx, Austin-lvl 1 Alarm Installer


Posted Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Posting ID: JP-003779635

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Austin, TX
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The reality today is that they will take anyone with a good attitude, good work ethic and will show up and is willing to work and learn.

People who come from experience or education where they have worked with their hands, provided customer service, worked outside typically work out much better than people with an IT or office career

Day to day duties:

They will receive training on and be doing the following:

1. Installation and programming of Burglar Alarms, CCTV (IP & Analog), DVRs, and Access Control Systems for residential customers.

2. Installing window breaks, door units, smoke detectors.

3. Troubleshooting signal issues to ensure alarm functions properly if needed.

4. Perform daily hands-on field interaction with customers at the site level and some smaller customer care levels.

5. Test and verify signals for equipment

6. Train customer on use of equipment and answer all questions to include ensuring that they have no additional need (equipment, etc.).

7. Completing necessary customer paperwork for each job.

8. Cost ALL PART utilize for each individual job installed PRIOR to closing out job with dispatch center.

9. Maintaining accurate truck inventory of ADT products.

10. Provide top quality customer service.

11. Achieve 90% Goal Attainment for completed installations and zero “go-backs”.


customer experience, construction, landscaper

Top Skills Details:

customer experience,construction,landscaper

Additional Skills & Qualifications:

They will need to be extremely customer oriented, and display professionalism at all times in these customer homes. They need to be on time consistently.

Must have Great Communication skills. This very important along with being reliability and possessing an adaptive personality. This person should have stellar interpersonal skills, along with the ability to think quickly on their feet, read non-verbal ques from the home's resident and have a solution oriented, customer centric attitude. The last thing a customer wants to hear is that "I'm not familiar with this system or I do not know how to work on this." It's important to give the customer confidence that their issue will be resolved.

Tools Needed/PPE Gear:

6-foot ladder (they can get a Little Giant that folds up if they drive a sedan), screwdrivers but preferably an electric drill, wire cutters, hand sheetrock saw. (This may take them some time to build up, but they need to understand the expectation)

Their Own Vehicle:

FAQ: What radius are they traveling too?

They are going to try and keep them within a zip code or 2 of where they live

FAQ: Is there mileage etc.?

ADT will only reimburse for mileage in the rare occasion that they must go over 40 miles from location to another

Mask – since they will be going to customer homes, they should always have a clean face covering available at all times.

Recruiting FAQs:

FAQ: Is there weekend work?

Yes, the schedule is Tuesday through Saturday

FAQ: How long is training?

Depends on quickly the person picks up on the skill and when they get their license in. Typically, it's between 4-5 weeks radio training should be less time because it is a highly repeatable function on the same equipment

FAQ: Do they get to expense a ladder/tools?

They do NOT get to expense the equipment/they have to provide their own ladder and tools and a Little Giant is highly suggested because they fit in a smaller car. They do not have to have their tools day one

Experience Level:

Entry Level

Contact Information

Recruiter: Michael Raney

Phone: +12103843033


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