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Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words! So we're introducing an image-based test powered by Traitify that collects hundreds of personality data points!

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CareerCircle Member Stories

“I earned the Google IT Professional Support Certification after graduating from the Merit America Program. Shortly after, I created a CareerCircle profile and was connected with their Digital Recruitment Manager to help me find a new job opportunity in the local market. It wasn’t long before I landed a new job and I am starting my career in the IT field!”


Jasmine B

“After graduating with the Google IT Support Certification from Coursera, I connected with CareerCircle to help in my job search! After speaking with their Recruitment Manager and forming a game plan for how we can target job opportunities, I was able to land a Help Desk role within just 2 weeks! Not only that, but within 5 days of working at my new IT job, the manager asked to EXTEND my position for an additional 4 months because of my performance and is now asking me to do technical writing, which is something I have wanted to get into for a while! I am so excited to be kick-starting my career in IT and expanding my knowledge in the Technical Writing space. Thank you CareerCircle!”


Ian C.

“I graduated from the Merit America Program with the Google IT Support Certification and then connected with CareerCircle to help me find a job. I worked with an absolutely brilliant local recruiter and was able to land a new role within the IT field. I am really loving my new role and I am extremely excited to continue to grow my skills! I am forever grateful to the team at CareerCircle for making this possible for me!”


Brian B.

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