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We’re on a mission to close the opportunity divide and develop the workforce of tomorrow.

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Helping over 150,000 members navigate their digital career journey and counting

Most of our membership includes underrepresented talent

For candidates

Find top jobs, unlock hidden skills, and access discounted online training to upskill for tomorrow’s next big thing. Get ready to showcase your full potential as a human, not a resume.

For employers

Discover a broad network of candidates who are as qualified as they are driven, so you can build a long-term workforce with a competitive hiring advantage.

How we’re creating a better workforce

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A 360º degree candidate view

A person’s full potential can’t be summarized on paper. We show a 360º view of each of our members to level the playing field and give equal access to new opportunities.

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Widening talent pool

We actively seek out hidden talent in underrepresented communities, then provide access to coaching, upskilling, and advocacy to close the opportunity divide.

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Closing skills gaps

Upskilling is the future. Through our courses, we prepare candidates for tomorrow’s opportunities while matching them with employers who are building a shared future.

Two people on equal platforms next to two people on unequal platforms.

Creating equity

Equality isn’t enough. We must provide resources and training on an individual level to create equity in the workforce, acknowledging that lack of support does not translate to lack of ability.

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Meet Jasmine,

From “no room for growth” to Google IT Certified in just a few months.

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