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Getting Hired is now powered by CareerCircle.
Welcome, valued members and employers of the Getting Hired community! We’re excited to invite you to join CareerCircle, where we are committed to inclusivity and expanding opportunities for diverse talents, including job seekers with disabilities. We’re thrilled to bring you along on this new journey.
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What’s happening to Getting Hired Inc?

As integral parts of the Allegis Group family, Getting Hired and CareerCircle share an aligned mission - connecting top employers with underrepresented talent. By realigning Getting Hired alongside the CareerCircle brand, we aim to enhance our collective capabilities, expand service offerings, and make a larger impact on the job seekers we serve.

We will continue to provide focused support to individuals with disabilities, professionals with disabilities, women, veterans, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and underrepresented communities.

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Free Guide: Understanding the Candidate Experience for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Get this free guide and learn about:

  1. Understanding disability
  2. Accessibility and accommodations
  3. Are you discriminating?
  4. Why aren’t candidates self-disclosing?
  5. Summary of best practices
  6. Resources
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Empower your team through training.
Explore our diverse training designed to empower your team and foster an inclusive workplace culture. Our training options are flexible and fully customizable. We offer Training Retreat/Bootcamp, Micro-learning, and Traditional Training. Tailor your training experience to meet your organization’s unique needs and propel your team toward a more inclusive future.
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Getting Hired members, join our growing community!
CareerCircle is dedicated to empowering your career journey. We’re genuinely eager to welcome you aboard! Joining CareerCircle will ensure you continue to receive the support and opportunities you need to thrive in your career. We are here to guide you through this transition and are excited to continue being a part of your career journey.
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Getting Hired employers, continue your commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
CareerCircle helps you to empower your talent acquisition with a platform that builds diverse pipelines, discovers underrepresented talent, and closes skills gaps through soft skills assessment and training. With a 360º view of candidates and AI matching, foster an equitable hiring process, gaining a competitive edge in the job market.