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It’s time to rethink qualified

At CareerCircle, we look at the whole person first to find the hidden attributes that people wouldn’t typically think qualify them for a career. We take a 360º view to uncover skills, interests, and passions that build confidence in the candidate, then offer training to fill skills gaps and champion their hire with some of the country’s leading employers.


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We are on a mission to find jobs for underserved people

Americans are experiencing a major disparity in connecting employers with candidates. Talent shortages, skills gaps, and lack of connection across networks is causing a divide in how, and who, our nation hires.

Shortage of qualified talent

A pie chart containing 33% in dark blue

1/3 employers say they do not have enough applicants

Candidates lack critical skills

A horizontal bar graph with two bars

Competitive hiring market

A pie chart containing 43% in dark blue

43% say they lose candidates to other employers

Many Americans need jobs

Blue text reading 13.6 Million

AI will change how we hire

A pie chart containing 49% in dark blue

49% of employers are using AI to hire new employees with different skill sets

Low access to training

Blue text reading 51%

say education systems have done nothing to address skills shortage

A comparison of equality and equity with three adults trying to see over a wall.

A hiring process driven by equity

Equity is more than a concept to us, it's the mission behind our process. Every product feature has been built to create opportunities and support for everyone.

Equity over equality

The EEO model is not enough. We don't just say everyone is welcome, we actively seek out and onboard underserved people and provide them with access to courses, community, and advocacy to bridge support tabs and prepare them for hire.

A 360º approach to hiring

We believe people drive organizations, not a set of skills. We take a 360º look at the actual human, design a career trajectory together, and leverage AI to match them to jobs they never thought possible.

1:1 Advocacy

True advocacy requires time, passion, and personalized attention. We provide support to every candidate, on their terms, translating our mission-driven excitement to help boost confidence, gain soft skills, and champion their career path.

AI matching

We remove unconscious bias and train both employers and candidates to think differently about what makes a strong working relationship - placing value on soft skills, communication style, passions, and aptitude to find true matches.

Workforce development

Go beyond filling seats and build a future-proof strategy for developing your organization over time. Prepare for the long-term while staying flexible enough to adapt, all while hiring and training for the leaders of tomorrow.


Belonging happens when we connect with people who are like us. We take a focus on showcasing the diverse group of people from all backgrounds we serve, to encourage others that yes, you do belong with us.

Stories: a community united by a single passion

Our work is impossible without the courage and commitment of our members. Meet just a few, and prepare to be inspired by their stories.

Proof: advocacy changes everything

Providing access to resources is not enough. To truly change lives and scale, we must actively seek out underrepresented Americans and advocate for their hire in the marketplace.

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Infographic consisting of statistics 75% veterans women and underserved

Driving results to change lives.

Since we started, 75% of our placements are veterans, women and members of underrepresented communities—and we’re just getting started. With a growing consortium of America’s leading Fortune500 companies, we don’t just get people jobs, we give them a voice among brands that are changing how the world works.

Partners with a shared mission

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