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Upskilling Can Reshape the Future Workforce Supply

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When a candidate applies for a job, that person is bringing their past — the knowledge they’ve gained, their experiences, and their accomplishments — to the application process and interview. And in the traditional hiring process, employers have one decision to make when assessing such details: Does the candidate’s past ...

Learnability: Today's ‘it’ factor

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I recently was asked what I look for when hiring an employee. Do I look for past experience? Certain skills? Or something else, like an 'it' factor? I started thinking about hires I've made in the past and what made me say yes to investing in them and their careers. ...

The Saving Grace of a Yellow Legal Pad

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Tags: Find a Job, Career Advice

Last September, my good friend John found himself out of work. Having labored 15 years to earn a VP position at a biotech company in New England, John's head was spinning when he called me for help. "Where do I even begin to find another job at this stage in ...