Acing the Modern Workplace by Upskilling

11/26/2019Staff Writer
Blog post
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How can you stay valuable at your current job? What will help you progress your career?

The answer is upskilling.

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s essential to stay connected with the advanced skills required by a modern workplace. You need to evolve with the rapid advancement in technology and software because sluggish development might hold you back from progressing in the contemporary job market.

Understanding Skill Deficit

To understand upskilling, we first need to understand what skill deficit is and why a skill gap might be holding you back from moving forward. Skill deficit is simply the lack of knowledge on how to perform any given task, and it includes not only technical but human skills as well. For example, if a person is asked to drive a car and they can’t drive, it means that they have driving skill deficits. Even though the definition of skill deficit is simple, the deficit itself is a grave concern because it’s possibly one of the biggest reasons that are keeping you from getting the job you want, and it should be dealt with in order for you to progress.

Tackling Skill Deficit with Upskilling

Dealing with a skill deficit is simple and straightforward; you actively need to pursue new skills, which is called upskilling. Upskilling is essential, that’s why Amazon is investing $700M in its upskilling program upskilling 2025. It’s required not only to overcome skill deficit, but it helps you stay ahead of everyone. You can enroll in a program to upskill, or you can do it individually, the outcome will definitely help you move forward in your career. Upskilling at the most basic level requires you to keep up with the latest development at your workplace, including technologies, procedures, business methods, etc. Some benefits of upskilling are,

Expansion of Personal Network

The immediate effect of upskilling is the expansion of your personal network, as you come in contact with new people in the classrooms or workshops that you attend for upskilling yourself, which helps broaden your personal network.

Increase in Your Value

It’s simple math. The more advanced skillset you have, the more valuable you are. And more value means more salary, which means that you’ll be able to get the things you’ve always wanted.

Keeping Up with Demands and Trends

Upskilling helps you keep in touch with the advancement in software and technologies as it requires to stay on top of the tech used in the modern workplace.

First in Line for Promotion

Again, the more advanced skillset you possess, the higher your chances are to stay ahead of your competition, making you first in line for the promotion you deserve.

Wider Career Path

If you decide to change your career altogether, upskilling will broaden your course of a career and giving you the opportunity to get jobs in different fields.

In a Nutshell

While it is true that we learn on the job, continually upskilling is essential to keep yourself relevant to the market that’s why high achieving individuals are always upskilling to extend their career shelf life.