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Learning a Second Language & Your Career

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How Learning a Second Language Can Enhance Your Career Opportunities Blog Banner

During your high school years, you may have been exposed to the opportunity of learning another language. Still, depending on many factors, you might miss out on this opportunity. There are many benefits to learning a second language. In this article, we’ll focus on how learning languages can boost one's career opportunities. After all, if you are a student, you’ll likely want to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job!

7 Ways Learning a Second Language Can Enhance Your Career Opportunities

The task of learning a new language can seem daunting at first. However,  learning a second language brings many benefits, and in this section of the article, we’ll be focusing on seven of them.

  • Better Chance Of Landing Your Dream Job
  • Increased Number Of Interview Invitations
  • More Freelance Opportunities
  • Improved Brain Functionality
  • More Opportunities To Advance In Your Career
  • Enhanced People Skills
  • Better Speaking And Writing Skills

Better Chance Of Landing Your Dream Job

We all have that dream job we see ourselves working for most of our lives. However, things can get competitive for most ideal jobs. So, to give yourself the best chance of success, you should apply for similar jobs in other parts of the world. This is where being bi- or multilingual becomes very beneficial, as you won’t be forced to a particular geographical location when looking for jobs.

Increased Number Of Interview Invitations

Learning a second language increases the number of jobs you can apply for and is likely to impress your potential employers. At times, due to the lack of skilled labor, some businesses choose to hire foreigners with the hopes they can adjust to the culture and language. However, when you show you have knowledge of the language or, at least, the willingness to learn, you instantly become a more attractive prospect to most companies.

More Freelance Opportunities

If you decide that the idea of working a full-time job is tasking, you can consider freelancing opportunities. Individuals, businesses, and even corporations are almost always looking for translators to join their teams for short-term contracts. For instance, many certified translation services offer document translations and, thus,  constantly look for skilled translators. You get to decide your hours, and you get paid to simply translate documents.

Improved Brain Functionality

As you can imagine, learning a new language is a challenging thing to do. It requires time, effort, and a lot of brain power. Don’t let this scare you, as things get easier after a few weeks of learning. This isn’t because the workload is less but because your brain functionality improves. Much research has been done into the benefits of learning a second language on the brain. For example, you can see a boost in memory and analytical skills. These are skills that will allow you to excel in job interviews.

More Opportunities To Advance In Your Career

Businesses that are looking to expand will always want to look for talent within their organization first before hiring outside. By learning a second language, you would be increasing your chances of getting a promotion. This isn’t always guaranteed, but if an opportunity does present itself, you would be in the best position to take it. For instance, companies that offer excellent academic ghostwriting services often look to hire writers that are fluent in more than one language. 

Enhanced People Skills

Learning a second language will improve your chances of meeting more people you can converse with. Also, as learning a new language requires learning about the culture, you’ll develop the necessary people skills to excel in most workplaces. Good people skills, paired with leadership skills, are one of the easy ways to climb the corporate ladder.

Better Speaking And Writing Skills

When learning a new language, you’ll often find yourself thinking deeply about how to convey your thoughts. While this might seem difficult at first, it can lead to better speaking and writing skills. With time, you’ll find it easier to present your thoughts in a clear and understandable manner in both languages you speak.

In Conclusion

Learning a new language comes with its own challenges but even more benefits. It can improve your chances career-wise in numerous ways. So, if you are a college student or new to the job market, you should consider setting aside time to learn a new language today.

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Ruby Butz is a freelance writer and career advisor. While she primarily works with college students, she is always open to opportunities where she can help many more people. This has motivated her articles on career opportunities and how best to take advantage of them. Ruby enjoys long walks with her Golden Retriever in her free time.