Off to a Skilled Start: 5 Important Skills You’ll Need in 2021

12/17/2020Staff Writer
Blog post
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2020 was a… weird year, to put it mildly. Extremely mildly. As this year finally comes to an end, we need to look forward to the types of skills that will be in demand coming up, because they’re more important and dynamic than ever after this past year has moved the goalposts in so many ways. It’s never too early to start sharpening your skills for the future ahead and we’ve got a few of the must-haves to be the most well-rounded candidate on the market in 2021.

Desire to Learn

Upskilling will never go out of style. In fact, it’s becoming only more important as we go forward. Showcasing your insatiable desire to add more skills and tools to your bag is as attractive to potential employers as anything else you can do. The great news is, it’s never been easier to find ways to become better and more talented than ever before. With online courses in a variety of different fields and disciplines, your ability to showcase your thirst for knowledge is waiting for you to come get started.


It’s no secret that 2020 was full of problems. More so than any other year in recent memory. If anything, it’s highlighted that our ability to deal with them gracefully, intelligently, and compassionately makes all the difference. Showing off your problem-solving skills in 2021 should be at the top of your list because every team can use someone to depend on. Someone who can bend with the circumstances, but never break. A more innovative approach to solving the problems of the team and organization will absolutely go noticed.


We’ve learned a lot this year, but one of the biggest lessons was in flexibility. Going forward, let’s showcase this as a genuine positive for any organization that wants us. By focusing on your flexibility, you’re signaling that you’re adaptable in these uncommon times. That you can roll with the punches to get the job done under a variety of circumstances. Flexibility in the workplace is sure to excite any potential employer because it means that you’re as dependable as you are diverse.

Virtual Mastery

Tagging alongside a sharpened dedication to flexibility, one of the top skills you can hone in on in 2021 is your ability to be a virtual asset. With work from home becoming something of a norm for the foreseeable future, demonstrate that you’re ready for this world ahead. An employer needs to know that you have turned your own working space into a virtual office that in many cases exceeds their own, and that you’ll have no issues getting the job done from the remote space should they bring you on board. 


2020 kicked many of us down. But you know what? We always picked ourselves back up. Show this off through proving how resilient and dedicated you are for the year to come. Turning the year that was into a positive can be displayed through how much you’ve learned from it. A future employer will love to see a candidate that has become tougher in the face of hard times and become an even more dependable employee because of them. This year stunk, plain and simple, but kept moving. Proudly show this off to anyone looking for a top potential candidate.