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Supporting LGBTQ+ Early Talent

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Supporting LGBTQ Early Talent in the Workforce Blog Banner

Diversity doesn't just mean including men and women from various ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds. Workplace inclusion means businesses will benefit from hiring young individuals and LGBTQ+ employees. It also means that companies must provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for individuals to thrive. Check out the nuances of the LGBTQ+ early talent in the workforce below.


The Obstacles New Graduates and The LGBTQ+ Grapple With

Many stories exist about fresh college graduates who have trouble getting into the companies they've dreamt of. The same holds true for LGBTQ+ workers, with the International Labor Organization noting that they face discrimination in the hiring process because people prefer typical employees.


The young age connotes a lack of experience, limiting job opportunities. According to statistics, the world has an all-time high unemployment rate, with about 71 million young adults out of jobs. Similarly, openly homosexual and queer applicants in specific industries are 40% likely to be offered job interviews. Transgender people have it more challenging, with a three times higher unemployment rate than the national average. This sorry state also spells trouble not just for the young graduates and the LGBTQ+ but for employers who could miss out on these early talents in the job market.

The Benefits of Hiring Young Talent

Companies should not ostracize young talents because they can contribute significantly with their eager attitude and fresh minds. Those who have the hiring powers ought to consider more young people in their organization for the following reasons:


  • Boundless Enthusiasm: Young people have boundless enthusiasm with their seemingly limitless energy. They are more open to learning new tasks and accepting challenges to improve their skills and attain experience. Early talents typically brim with passion and are eager to learn more because they see it as an opportunity for growth.
  • Super Tech-Savvy: Young adults who enter the labor force grew up with gadgets. They are well-versed in navigating new machines and apps. With more companies using innovative tech solutions, hiring someone young is more cost-efficient since they are more familiar with tech and work faster. And teaching them is a lot easier, which allies with the saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks."
  • Fresh Perspectives: Early talent in the workforce is usually overflowing with new perspectives and creative ideas. Having someone young in the boardroom is vital because this promotes continuity. The next generation of leaders can only gain experience if they collaborate with senior management. Companies in search of new solutions and growth opportunities need young people. 


There are so many more reasons for companies to employ young people. Hiring young employees brings innovation and fresh perspectives, which could improve job performance and productivity. More importantly, investing in young talent means training future leaders.


The Advantages of Workplace Diversity with LGBTQ+ Employees

For a long time, the LGBT community was subjected to unwarranted discrimination at work. They often experience mistreatment and harassment. Thankfully, worldwide initiatives like the celebration of Pride Month and the approval of same-sex marriages in many countries have resulted in many improvements.


Awareness regarding LGBTQ rights has made it possible to change old mindsets. Creating LGBT inclusiveness as a part of the hiring process and existing office protocols brings many benefits, from improving employee satisfaction to increasing the company's bottom line. Check them out below:


  1. Attract and Retain Talent: Companies that encourage individuals to bring their authentic selves appeal to job hunters and retain existing workers. After all, people do not want to belong to organizations that are not free to be themselves. At the same time, non-LGBTQ employees may have relatives and friends who've experienced office bullying, so they feel for them and shun oppressive working conditions. Hence, companies that foster an atmosphere where people are not judged, and everyone is treated equally create a positive environment that allows employees to meet their full potential.
  2. Attract More Business: Companies more supportive of the LGBTQ attract more patrons. Because of advocacies that support acceptance of the LGBTQ, most LGBTQ community members and their families and friends avoid making purchases from companies that discriminate. Moreover, most clients stay loyal and go out of their way to purchase goods and services from inclusive brands, even if the stores are out of the way or prices are more costly. As a result, inclusive companies enjoy higher profits and attract more clients.
  3. Less Turnover: One of the most costly expenses in a company is hiring and training a new employee. Employees tend to leave places they don't feel comfortable in. Those who have to hide their identities leave because of stress and dissatisfaction. Companies that wish to improve employee retention rates and enjoy more significant work commitment from a loyal employee base must implement LGBTQ-friendly practices. 


Thus, companies need to set up specific policies that outline their position on LGBTQ rights. Apart from stating acceptable behaviors and establishing procedures for those who violate guidelines, it is also vital to re-establish equal hiring strategies, provide training, review benefits, and set up workplace inclusion programs to foster a better working environment for everyone. 

It’s to Foster a Supportive and Inclusive Environment

Hiring LGBTQ and openly seeking young talent creates less workplace discrimination and fosters an inclusive culture for all workers. Having this kind of atmosphere improves the working environment and enhances employee engagement. A supportive environment open to all ages and genders:

  • Reduces complaints
  • Alleviates stress
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Promotes a more positive relationship among colleagues
  • Boosts productivity and profits.

Final Thoughts

Acceptance of diversity encourages a sense of belonging, improves the employees' collective experience, boosts innovation, and inspires better leadership. Furthermore, a culture of inclusivity can help recruit and retain the talents needed for the business to succeed. Having an LGBTQ-friendly workplace that welcomes young applicants means that employees no longer need to hide their identity and are freer to be themselves. Happy employees equate to better productivity!


The CareerCircle platform is designed to connect you with the best and brightest candidates who bring unique perspectives and experiences to your team. Inclusion is not just a buzzword, it's a competitive advantage in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Companies that prioritize equity and inclusion enjoy increased innovation, creativity, and employee satisfaction.

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