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Upskilling Yourself for Tomorrow’s Economy

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There is no more standing still in today’s job economy. When it used to be enough to have your set of skills and lean on them for an entire career, it’s now on you to show initiative to build out a larger set of abilities. This is upskilling, and it’s the future of career building. It may sound like an intimidating element in a world that’s already full of stress and hurdles, but with the way technology has opened the door on so many parts of life, it could not be easier than it is right now to find a way to upskill yourself for the future economy.

It’s undeniably a scary time for all of us. COVID has drastically shifted the professional landscape and created more questions than it’s given answers. One of the main talking points to come from this is just how important it’s going to be to have a workforce that’s ready for what lies ahead. By 2022, it’s projected that 54% of the workforce will require upskilling so you have never had more reason to do so with purpose. Start by finding the right courses for you and following the steps you need to get certified. This is the best way to fight back against the uncertainty of today’s economic world and make sure that when the right opportunity arises, you’re the best candidate for the moment.

To better understand the importance of upskilling in this moment, take a look at a recent Microsoft initiative to upskill 25 million people with a better array of digital skills. They are giving full effort to helping those hit hardest by these times through the access they need to keep their careers on track. At CareerCircle, this kind of initiative aligns directly with our mission to do what’s best for people’s careers by always trying to do what’s best for people first.

We are uniquely positioned to provide resources and guidance to the modern workforce because we connect with our members on a genuine level. We want to make sure that everyone makes it through these hard times better than when they started. If you’re uncertain about what tomorrow’s economy might bring and the steps you can take to make sure you’re ready for it, we are here to walk you through how to upskill and take on this uncertain world more clearly.

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