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Circle of Success: How Jasmine Found a Real Way to Grow Her Career

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It’s easy to get stuck. To spend years in the same position and look back with the feeling that you haven’t really gone as far as you thought. Sometimes we may wonder if we are stagnant in our careers because growth isn’t possible in our situations. However, the truth is, it can depend on how we look at our current career. Could it be that it’s the perfect time to reevaluate and take the next huge step? Jasmine Brown found it to be the perfect opportunity for growth.

After spending 12 years in the security operations space, Jasmine began to come up against that familiar feeling above. She felt stuck and wasorried that there was nowhere to go and she didn’t have a path to something greater after all these years in this position. Jasmine identified some of her passions (in her case, computers and technology) and took the necessary steps towards turning these passions into a career.

Her drive moved her in the direction of a Google IT Support Certificate. She used this as her North Star in finding that career growth she was lacking after so many years at her old position. It was the hands-on experience and real-life assessments the course offered that pulled Jasmine in and helped her land a job as a Service Desk Analyst for a local law firm.

Rather than spend another 12 years feeling the same lack of satisfaction with her job, Jasmine took action and partnered with the right people and tools to find a career that she truly feels room to grow within. Saying that she “learns something new every day and is constantly challenged,” Jasmine is well on her way to reaching her next goal of becoming a Network Infrastructure Engineer.

There’s only “no room for growth” if you don’t make it. Jasmine shows us all that we are in the driver’s seat of our professional futures and we just may need a little extra foot on the pedal to help us get where we’re supposed to go. True professional growth sometimes takes genuine action --  find the right plan and apply proper dedication to turn a stagnant job into a blossoming career.