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Circle of Success: Eric’s Path to a New Challenge

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Sometimes, we just want a little something new. Whether it’s in our day-to-day life with smaller activities and hobbies, or big life changes like switching careers, it’s normal to be on the lookout for a fresh start. When it comes to one’s career, starting something new can be the difference between staying at a position you don’t enjoy and finally pursuing your dream job. Eric McCracken is an example of what happens when we go after our next big thing.

After leaving the military in 2007, Eric spent his professional life in the maintenance field. Not fully satisfied, Eric knew that he could turn his passion for programming into something more. Driven to achieve more, Eric made it his goal to reach the role of Developer.

Eric then earned his Associate’s degree in web and mobile development, but that was just the start. He applied himself even further and gained a scholarship to take our Coding from Scratch course. Using nothing but his own motivation to find a new challenge and conquer it, Eric passed the course with ease.

Though this would be more than enough to count Eric as a resounding success, he didn’t stop there. Eric also volunteers as one of CareerCircle’s lead facilitators, where he helps guide other scholarship winners using the lessons he’s learned to help them take control of their own professional lives.

Starting something new can be an anxious experience, but it should also be an exciting one. Much like the way Eric approached his new challenges, it’s all about how we go after these new opportunities that makes all the difference. Start your next chapter by finding a partner who shares your vision for a greater professional future.