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Circle of Success: After Chris Found More Confidence, His Career Took Off

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In any walk of life, we do our best when we’re feeling our best. It’s no different when it comes to our careers and achieving the absolute most from them. Confidence in the world of career development is everything. Whether it’s feeling assured before a job interview, or having the confidence to go out and get more from a current opportunity, we all need it. When Chris Mills gained more career confidence through upskilling, his professional future began in earnest.

When Chris joined the Administrator Proficiency Pack Training Program with CareerCircle, he was taking the first step to gaining more control over his professional future. With his background in IT and previous Salesforce experience, it was the right opportunity to add more skills to everything he already had.

Through the session, Chris found clarity in Salesforce concepts that were previously out of reach. He gained more skills and was able to get access to a certified Salesforce Administrator necessary to hit a deeper understanding of the platform. More than these aspects, however, Chris was able to gain true confidence in his skills and career path through this course that propelled him forward.

After securing a job as Salesforce Administrator, he is now fully responsible for implementing the Salesforce CRM  within his organization. Chris took action to enroll in a session that would prepare him for a more successful role in the future. On top of that, Chris did everything in his power to go into this role confident that he had everything he needed to be a valuable asset to this team.

When you set out to upskill, you’re actually giving yourself far more than extra skills. You’re actively building up your own confidence in the process so that you enter new opportunities with a belief that you’re the one for the career and you have done whatever is in your power to make it happen. Confidence is everything when it comes to securing the career you have always wanted, it’s time to find yours.