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Circle of Success: Antwon’s Journey from Hopeless to Confident

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If there’s one shared feeling that often comes up for those that are struggling in the job search phase or unfulfilled with their current position, it’s hopelessness. We’ve all been there. It’s only natural. With so much on the line, any little rejection, failure, or shortcoming can feel magnified. But the good news is,  it’s something that you can work on and change. This Circle of Success story shows how Antwon Napue was able to conquer that feeling and come out stronger than ever on the other side.

Feeling stuck, both personally and professionally, Antwon Napue knew that if he was going to get through this hopeless phase in his professional life, he was going to need a little help. That lifeline to a greater career path came in the form of the Google IT Support Program with Coursera. One of the most powerful things that anyone in a position like Antwon’s can use is the knowledge that they’re not alone. There are people and programs out there with a mission to help those that are feeling stuck, and feeling hopeless, and will do whatever it takes to help them find their next big thing.

Though Antwon had some customer service experience, he was worried that his lack of hands-on IT experience would hold him back. Instead of taking this as  defeat, he did what so many of our greatest success stories at CareerCircle do: he took this as an opportunity. He took this leap and upskilled himself, saying it “gave him the confidence and sense of hope that he never had before!”

After finding the right course for his trajectory, Antwon is now gaining crucial experience in customer service and database management as a contact tracer, giving him the bonus of helping to fight COVID-19, while putting him on course to the IT career he’s been after. Through one convenient online certification, Antwon has been able to find a better way to provide for his family, while giving himself the chance to do work that he can be proud of at the same time. He’s driven to springboard the success he’s already had into a future role as a Network Administrator or Cloud Architect in the future.

Antwon’s case is the perfect example of why a feeling of hopelessness in your career shouldn’t be taken as the end, but rather, the beginning. For anyone feeling a similar way, know that there are plenty of avenues, partners, and tools waiting to be used to help you find a career that feels more like a calling. The first step is finding the right partner.