3 Tips for On-the-Go Job Searching With the CareerCircle App

10/20/2022Staff Writer
Blog post
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It's hard to show up for a job that doesn't excite you, allow you to grow, or compensate you adequately. Are you interested in making a career change?

CareerCircle is committed to helping people find better positions by aligning them with employers who go beyond the resume. Learn how our mobile app can help you find the right position with convenient on-the-go job search and profile-building capabilities.

Why Use the CareerCircle Job Search App?

Hard-working professionals don't always have time to sit down and hunt for new jobs. We wanted to streamline the job hunt as much as possible with access to your profile through an app on your phone.

Discover a Faster Way to Complete Your Profile

Looking for a fast and easy way to kickstart your job search? The CareerCircle app was designed to help speed up profile setup — including the creation of your intro video.

We want to help you connect with employers as quickly as possible to avoid job search fatigue. Try out the app so you can get your profile set up and ready for employers to browse!

On-the-Go Capabilities Increase Productivity

Our app works seamlessly with our mobile-friendly website, allowing you to explore all of the upskilling courses and job listings available on our site. You can work on your profile, certifications, or job search when it's most convenient for you. 

Multi-task by pursuing your career change on your daily commute, while you wait in line, or during your break. On-the-go capabilities make it easier to get more done, even when you aren't near your computer.

Access Convenient Mobile-Friendly Tools

Search for available job listings on the CareerCircle app and save the ones you are interested in looking at later. You can even see when the jobs were posted to get a better feel for how long the employer has been searching for candidates.

If you want to really wow employers, work on upskilling with some of our certification courses. On the app, you can browse and view courses. Save your favorite certifications to access easily when you are ready to get started.

The career circle app makes it easy to do more — right from your phone.

How Does the CareerCircle App Work?

1. Create Your Account

Getting started is FREE! Simply create your account on the app with your email, or sign in if you have already completed this step on our website.

2. Set Your Interests

Once you've signed in, it's time to choose the jobs you might consider for a lateral or upward career change, including titles like Data Analyst or Project Manager. Then, select any upskilling courses you might be interested in.

3. Kick-Off Your Profile

Add a resume to your profile. You can scan an existing resume by taking a picture with your phone. Or you can upload a resume file that's already been saved to your phone. If you need help creating a resume, you can use our Resume Builder on the website and add it to your profile from there.

4. Provide Your Details

Fill out sections for your name, personal information, work history, education, and more! The app makes it an easy step-by-step process! Don't forget to add both hard and soft skills to your profile so employers can see all of your best qualities.

5. Personalize Your Profile

Add an existing headshot from your phone to give your profile a more authentic and personalized look. Then, record your intro video straight from your phone to tell employers what you offer and what you are looking for!

6. Take Assessments

Our Career and Big Five personality assessments help employers understand where you would fit into their team. You can take both assessments right on the app.

3 Tricks for Getting More Out of Our App

If you've put in your basic personal information, it's time to explore other helpful app functions. Here are three tips to get the most out of our job search app.

Record Your Intro Video

We know it might seem slightly inconvenient or nerve-wracking to record yourself in a monologue video for potential employers. However, hiring managers get a lot of value out of watching you speak for a few minutes about your talents, professional goals, and ideal role. It makes you more relatable and helps them connect with you as a candidate.

A great intro video can sometimes replace the initial interview, helping you streamline the hiring process. Plus, it provides an opportunity to showcase some of the soft skills — like passion and personality — that aren't easily displayed in a resume.

The CareerCircle app makes it easy to record a video right from your phone. So, take a few minutes to create a quick video that helps hiring managers picture exactly how you would fit into their team.

Complete Your Profile

Fill out every section of your profile to help increase your ranking in relevant search results. When employers look for candidates, we show them the profiles we think are the best fit — measuring by keyword relevance and how complete the profile is.

Finishing your profile helps employers know you are serious about the job search process. Getting every step filled out helps them see you are committed and offer personal drive.

Set Alerts for Job Listings

Use the app to set alerts for job listings. When something comes up that might appeal to you, we'll let you know through the app! It's easy to create alerts to notify you of job search matches:

  1. Simply go to the profile tab on the app.
  2. In the upper right corner, click "Create Job Alert."
  3. Create a new job alert, choosing a title, keyword, and location.
  4. Add a description to help differentiate between your alerts.
  5. Click "Create Alert," and you will now see it listed under the "My Alerts" tab.

Get Started With the CareerCircle Job Search App

If you don't have the app, download it now from the Google Play or Apple store! Once you've downloaded the app, start using it to take your career to new heights.